Weather. Time Travel. Superpower.

Weather Sky
for Amazon Alexa

The Weather You’ve Been Waiting For ...

Amazon Alexa devices allow you to ask for the weather, but Weather Sky provides you with a more detailed report about the weather at any location in the United States.

Powered by Dark Sky, the weather service that provides accurate forcasts for thousands of applications, you can count on Weather Sky to keep you informed about precipitation and temperature trends, humidity, wind speed, sunrise and sunset, and even the moon phase.

Weather Sky will also give you an extended forecast, so you’re prepared for the week ahead. And if severe weather is threatening, Weather Sky will warn you by letting you know about active weather alerts.

Change the Weather

Not every day has the weather that you’d like, so Weather Sky gives you a superpower - the power to change the weather. If you’re broiling in the summer heat and would like a bit of cold weather, all you have to do is say, “Alexa, ask Weather Sky to make it snow.” Or, has it been cloudy and gray for days and you’d like some sun to cheer things up? Say, “Alexa, ask Weather Sky to give me a sunny day."

Besides snow and a sunny day, there are a number of weather types that Weather Sky allows you to choose from, including wind, rain, fog, a blizzard, a pleasant evening, and even a babbling brook.

Sunny Day